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9 Designer Tips For Your Home

Author: The 2 Belindas
Source: Oohm.com.au

All homes need a jazz up every now and again, and the good news is you don't need a professional to do it for you. The below 9 tips are some trade secrets that will enable you to spruce up your home.

1. First Thing's First!

Tune in to what YOU like. You have to live here, so make your home a place that reflects you and your unique personality. There isn’t anyone that can reflect your taste and style – not for any amount of money!

2. Get Inspired!

Gather pictures of décor styles and products that you like from magazines, catalogues, websites and brochures. Cut them out and create a mood board showing everything from wall colours to accessories. Often, a piece of art, a doona cover, a cushion or piece of furniture you love will be your inspiration for the whole room.

3. Pick a colour Scheme and Know How To Use It

The colour scheme for your home/room is going to be the anchor for all your decisions in the redesign. Decide what colours you like and work from there.

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Consider fixtures first – carpet, tiles, bench tops, cabinetry etc., as colour choice is more limited in these. Then choose your wall colours and finishes to complement your fixtures – paint and wallpapers are available in thousands of colours, so your choices are endless.

4. Furniture and Balance

Furniture can bring a balance to a living space. Oversized pieces can cramp the space and look awkward. By contrast, pieces that are too small get lost and make the place look too busy and scattered.

If your budget doesn't quite extend to an entire new flooring, you can simply add a rug, making sure that it’s not too small for the area.

5. Consistent Themes Through Your Home

To bring your new fresh ideas from one room to the rest of the house, simply start by repeating a certain colour, fabrics or style in different rooms.

6. Contrast and Curiosity!

Add contrast and interest by using different textures, shades of colour, style and different sized accessories.

7. Light is Important!

Have a variety of different light sources, including standard and table lamps, to create intimacy and different moods. Use spotlights to bring the focus of the room to a favourite work of art or ornament.

8. Curtains

Elongate and give your windows extra height by hanging curtains to floor level.

9. Be Okay with Empty Space

Resist the urge to fill a space. Space can bring extra attention and focus to cleverly placed accessories. Too many filled spaces can create a cluttered look and your themes can be lost.

Start designing today!

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Published: 7 January, 2015.