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10 Cheat Ways to make your home feel more put-together then it actually is

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

Fake it til’ you make it, the saying goes. We can’t all have a perfectly well-kept home at all times. You aspire to the aura that exudes from the Martha Stewarts of the world, perfectly put together at every touch point. However, for us mere mortals, there are a few things you can change, or do a little differently that will immediately lift your home into this territory. In this instance, a little, goes a long way.

1. Remove your top sheet

Removing a top sheet makes your bed easier to make each day, which in turn increases the likelihood that you will make it! Removing the top sheet also allows you to try the slightly messy look, which is easy to make when you’ve slept through your alarm.

2. Learn to fold your towels

Learn to fold your towels beautifully, layered or otherwise. Next time you visit a hotel, take note (or simply google) and try and replicate in your home, take small opportunities to elevate the appearance.

3. Toiletries a plenty

Nothing screams, ‘put together’ like a great assortment of toiletries in your communal bathroom. This can be as simple as a beautiful woven basket filled to the brim with toilet rolls. Choose a basket that feels more luxe than dated and this addition will achieve its goal.

4. Gingerbread house

Now this one has all the ringing’s of your grandma’s house. Time for a fresh take - a few artfully chosen cannisters that live on your kitchen bench comfortably filled with snacks. Think nuts, and seeds, biscuits or even mints depending on your own tastes.

5. Work with your condiments

Take this a step further and work with your condiments, i.e salt and pepper. Purchase salt and pepper that are chunky (read: not crushed into complete grains) and house them in little marble or ceramic miniature bowls for a pretty feature on your dining table, add a small tray for them to live on for extra points.

6. Fluff your pillows

There is nothing sophisticated about deflated pillows. It literally takes 2 – 4 minutes to complete this and it keeps your living space looking fresh.

7. Label Everything

Everything possible! Imagine opening a pantry filled with cannisters and everything is labelled. Not only does it cut your cooking time in half (hello organisation!) but knowing where and what everything is like the back of your hand is the ultimate Martha Stewart skill.

8. Linen Cupboard Hacks

Learn some hacks! Pop your sheet sets into their pillowcase to keep them neat, take that hotel towel folding technique and bring it here as well!

9. Organise your fridge

Buy containers to separate your fresh produce, eggs, condiments etc. Organisation is key.

10. Tuck away your laundry basket

Find your dirty laundry a home that isn’t visible to your guests but simultaneously isn’t too far removed from its practicality. A large basket of dirty washing does not exude any ‘put together’ vibes.