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5 Decor Tricks to Know and Use

Author: Onthehouse.com.au

Décor can be a fickle business. Incredibly tricky to perfectly pair the balance of textures with colours and vice versa. Collecting as many tips as you can to add to your arsenal can only benefit your cause, or you’ll forever be dancing the fine line between too much and not enough. Colour, shape, style and texture are all considerations in the realm of décor, and a few sneaky tricks here and there will help guide your decisions. 

Add Layer Upon Layer
Layers, my dears. These are definitely your friend, you can build tonal colour profiles simply by adding a throw or two, think colour couplings that aren’t too jarring. Soft ochre throw, or pillows paired with a cream lounge to add depth in a way that requires very little maintenance or management. 

Introduce Fresh Elements
Let’s talk freshness, bringing fresh elements into a home adds both scent and aesthetic to a room. Whether that is the introduction of a beautiful potted fiddleleaf into a bedroom or a small herb garden on a kitchen bench, plants have been known to add endless benefits to a home. Fragrance, flavour, colour and vibrancy to name a few, not to mention the pure feeling of accomplishment when you can keep something alive for more than a few weeks. You can choose a low maintenance option like a succulent that requires little water and a sunny spot to maximise style with minimal outputs.

Choose a Hero Piece
In each room choose your hero piece. That might be an impeccably textured wall, an ornate mirror upon entry or a carefully chosen piece of art. This could even be a brighter hue that litters through the room. Once you’ve chosen a hero then carefully consider its placement. This about where in the room draws the eye, where the piece will draw attention and create balance in the space.

Clutter and Declutter all at Once
Choose the spaces to clutter and declutter simultaneously. Minimalise where it’s needed – bedsides tables, kitchen benches and dining tables are great places to keep styling minimal and simple to ensure these spaces are as functional as possible. As for ‘clutter’ you can never have too much ‘clutter’ where a bar is concerned. Layers of beautiful bottles and glassware only add to the ambiance, whether it is a bar cart or a stationary bar, this is a space to provide lots of love to.