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5 Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Area

Author: Samantha Thorne
Source: hipages

Have you given careful thought to your outdoor lighting? Get it right and you'll find yourself enjoying your outdoor areas more. More importantly, it will be safer for your family and friends.

Here are 5 lighting ideas for outdoor areas to get you started on the right track.

1: Solar Powered Garden Lights

Solar powered garden lights use the sun's power to collect energy. Not only are they energy efficient, but they don't require expensive wiring. You can install them yourself wherever you need light. For example, you can install a series of solar garden lights next to the path to your front door to light the way for guests.

2: Spotlights

Why should you only be able to enjoy your garden during the day? Modern spotlights are a great way to highlight garden features. There's a certain magic to a soft spotlight. Shine it on a tree or other feature and the eye notices the details you overlook during the day when the whole landscape is bathed in light.

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3: Stair Lighting

Stairs can be dangerous at night if you can't see where you're going. Soft lights installed in your stair risers show the way and add an extra element of style to your outdoor area. You, your family and guests will be more likely to spend time outdoors at night if the way is illuminated for you.

4: House Lighting

Your house looks great during the day, but at night the single bulb at your entrance doesn't flatter your house design very well. A lighting design consultant can help you choose house lighting that is functional and flatters your house design. You may even look forward to nightfall; because that is the time you show your house in its best light.

5: Mood Lighting

Outdoor mood lighting includes any lighting that primarily serves one purpose: to provide ambience in your outdoor environment. The mood lighting could be stylish stand-alone lights or lights hidden in the garden to highlight your garden features at night. Cleverly arranged mood lighting can turn your patio or garden into an outdoor wonderland at night.

You can install some types of outdoor lighting yourself even if it needs to be connected to your mains electricity. Designed to be plugged in, you can install the wiring inside PVC pipes just below the surface of the ground.

If any type of wiring work is needed, you will need to hire an electrician to do the installation. Ask your outdoor lighting supplier about the legal requirements for the type of lighting you choose.

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Image courtesy of Jays Landscaping (spotlights), All-Scape Landscape Services (stair lighting), Xquisit Interior Design (house lighting), Your Space Landscapes (mood lighting).

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Published: 11 December, 2015

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