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Summer Entertaining

Author: Jenna
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Easy Table Décor

The festive season is here, and you may have put your hand up to entertain your friends and family in your home. With this in mind, here are some great ways to create beautiful table décor on a budget.

In Australia, we are lucky enough to have our festive season during summer - which means long hot days and outdoor entertaining! Entertaining guests outside is a great excuse to use what’s in your garden or backyard for your table décor. Instead of spending a lot on decorations or flowers, see what you have in the garden first!

Using a mixture of greenery and flowers from your garden is a great way to create beautiful and relaxed table decorations. Use mismatched bottles and jars and mix different textures and tones of greenery; this is such an easy and affordable way to decorate! Think outside the box when you're styling the table with flowers and greenery -  I absolutely love the wreath of foliage created in the picture below.

Think about going without a table cloth, or just use a table runner. Light fabrics are the obvious choice for summer, and fabrics like linen and muslin look great across a table. Run a piece down the middle and have the ends overhang that table - this looks fantastic for summer entertaining. Also keeping the textiles light and neutral lets the flowers and greenery really shine!

A sprig of greenery or a bunch flowers is enough to add to any summer table. Look in your kitchen for inspiration too. A sprig of herbs on each plate or in the middle of the table works perfectly as décor. Potted plants and herbs are also a good way to decorate your table - use use what you already have at home or buy new ones and keep them for later.

Food can be the perfect thing to decorate a festive table with! The colours and smells of the food are enough to make any guests admire the table setting. Choose big white platters piled up with colourful salads, vegies and fruit and let the food speak for itself! Share plates also makes for easy summer entertaining.

An affordable and fun way to create a gorgeous table is to DIY! Use paper and paint your own table runner or centrepiece. This is a great way to make the gathering personal with your own artistic touch. The kids table idea (in the picture below) is a fun way to get them involved. Give them a bunch of pencils and let them create their own masterpiece - and the best part is there will be minimal cleaning up!

There is no need to spend a lot of money on summer table décor. It’s all about finding clever ways to use what you have at home.

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Published:  24 December, 2015.

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