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Creating That Lived-In and Loved Look

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

You’ve carefully curated everything, from the wall colour, to the window trimmings and every piece of - expertly placed – furniture within your home. You’ve taken pride in every step, but your home lacks the warmth that comes from being ‘lived-in” so to speak. A warmth that amplifies all those careful considerations and each factor you meticulously prepared for.

Now the trick; how do you create a home that feels lived in, and simultaneously polished? A space that highlights your interiors style without compromising on comfort and liveability. Your home can’t look like a showroom all the time, right? Wrong, because the best showrooms are the ones that you can imagine yourself sitting down and having a cup of tea in with a good book in hand. Sit tight, ready to create a space that is lived in and loved.

Consider layers upon layers. Soft furnishings are the best place to begin, pillows and throws scream comfort whilst adding depth of colour and texture to your home. Choose these carefully and opt for a range of complementary shapes and a highlight tone supported by 1 – 2 neutral tones to achieve your desired outcome. Consider layers in everything, a beautifully positioned stack of books on your coffee table (your latest read on top of course) or a stack of ceramic plates displayed on your kitchen shelf will create the lived-in look you desire.

When styling your home, aim for ‘expertly undone’ in the small details. Home décor stacked, or coupled, even slightly off centre, to create a look that appears beautifully imperfect. By no means are we suggesting hanging your art on an angle (and definitely don’t align your shelving askew). But consider small details like fruit spilling out of your fruit bowl or your perfumes bundled together, a few vases stacked to create dimension and height variety. Consider even your bed linen, made with your quilt hung unevenly over one corner of your bed. With multiple linen layers and a simple run underfoot, this will both amplify your lived-in look and probably be the most comfortable bed you’ll ever sleep in.

When trialling this, the trick is to remove any other unwanted clutter. When creating a space that is beautifully lived-in, clutter creates the illusion of mess rather than homeliness. Do your best to only keep out items you use regularly and even so, try to find a home for them.