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Creating the Ultimate Summer Table Scape

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

And just like that, Spring is here! The year waits for no one and Summer is fast approaching! The season of gatherings, and memories under the sun. Summer is an entertainers dream! Not limited to a simple barbeque, your entertaining options are only restricted by your imagination. We all have that one friend who looks like she could have spent 6 weeks preparing for your ‘casual picnic lunch’ but there is magic in the ‘minimum effort for maximum impact’ method and if you don’t know where to start, this is your guide to creating the ultimate table scape.

If you can, begin with a theme. This need not be dramatic – or even known to anybody else but you; but have a theme in mind. This can be built off tones that you’re loving at the moment, or simply created from what you’ve decided to serve to eat. ‘Tuscany’ if you’ve opted for an Italian grazing board, or a crisp sage hue if you’ll be serving up Mediterranean share plates. The choice is yours, but this will ensure your table looks cohesive and well thought out even if you threw it together in 10 minutes based off what you had in your cupboard. Less is more in this instance, don’t add bulk simply for the sake of filling the space.

Mix and match textures and layers to ensure maximum effect! Always think about your height and width ratio and how this sits on your designated dining area. Include a range of complementary textures to add depth to your setting. Natural wooden fibres, in the form of chopping boards or serving spoons, paired with rustic terracotta dip plates. Or metallic features, in a golden-hued ice bucket, or cutlery complementing a dove grey table runner. Keep in mind hues that pair well together without falling into a singular tone basket. If you’re not confident dabbling in colour then plan it from a base tone and a hero tone. Your base tone could be white and your hero shade could be charcoal grey. Add in some subtle pale blue tones in your coasters and the result is a well thought out table scape.

Finish off your prep with some fresh elements to build a visual feast as well as a sensory one! Fresh flowers are a no brainer, but simple herbs, bunched and popped between share plates are a game changer. Opt for something structured with fragrance like rosemary or thyme, scattered, bunched or garnished on platters or plates and you’ll impress your guests every time.