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Doors with a little extra 'something'

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

Unbeknownst to me, there are apparently a lot of door options! You are not confined to the traditional standard hinge door (although these are classic for a reason). Perhaps your looking to make a little more impact with your internal door choices, or perhaps you’re forced to be creative with the limited space you have. However, you look at it, you can now explore a multitude of door options to satisfy your aesthetic or functional needs.

First thing is first, as always, think about the space that you have to work with. How can you both maximise functionality and make a statement as well. Using a standard internal door for a hallway cupboard may not be the most functional option depending on the width of the space. It’s important to assess the assets you do have and make choices that complement your space. 




A barn door is a great option where there is little room for standard hinge door, but plenty of wall space. The runner will need wall space to be suspended to, as well as for the door to be positioned when it’s open. Ideal for a narrow hallways, linen cupboards or pantries. Outside of the functionality of this style of door is also serves as an impactful statement in a room. By painting the door rail a contrasting hue, you create definition. Similarly contrasting colours on the door vs wall is an easy way to add a feature to your wall. A sharp ebony, cloud grey or beige hue can complement your existing palette and subtly hero this feature in your home.

Similarly, you could opt for a cavity sliding door which has a ticks the functional box but is more sleek and discrete in its design. With wall space a plenty, the door tucks away inside the wall. An excellent option for a modern home seeking a clean finish. However, when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place and you have neither space nor wall room to create a cavity or hang a barn door, all is not lost. Enter, the handy bi-fold door. As simple to install as a traditional hinge door, choose a wooden option for functionality purposes.

Now if you’re seeking a particular look and feel, a classic French door can give your space an open and airy feeling, paired with provincial charm. Be conscious of where you use this style of door, with glass panelled windows they provide minimal privacy. They are ideal for a mostly open plan living space, to provide some division of space without impacting the flow of the rooms. Best utilised in a double door capacity, they are a beautiful piece to fuse the indoors and outdoors, position on a veranda in the summer time and you have the perfect pairing for an entertainer’s household.