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Indoor Plants With Wow Factor

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

Your home is beautifully fitted out. You’ve taken the greatest care when selecting the pieces that make up your interior. Everything from big ticket items like your lounge and fridge, to soft furnishings, rugs and lighting have been carefully curated to give you your dream outcome. A home that feels truly you, comfortable, stylish and lived-in Although your home almost ticks all your boxes, there are empty pockets of space that is awkwardly configured or is lacking a little height. To maximse the impact, it’s time to go for something big, green and living! Here are 3 indoor plants with some serious wow.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ah, the plant of 2017, the fiddle leaf fig certainly had a huge moment in interiors and styling last year, and for good reason. This plant is beautifully leafy, won’t break the bank and grows up rather than expanding wide. This makes it perfect for small spots in your home that are lacking height but have no room for a wayward plant too big for its boots. Fast growing, the fiddle leaf fig can fill the smaller voids in your home in a big way. This plant will need a good amount of sunlight, so you’ll need to consider that when deciding whether it’s right for you


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Olive Tree

This plant is characterised by its artful branches, and will add the far reaches of Tuscany to your living room - I mean that’s reason enough, is it not? A great additional for a more neutral tone, and a softer sage leaf colour as opposed to the vibrancy of a fiddle leaf. However, an olive tree will develop width, which is an important factor to consider and as a tree, is rather top heavy. Be conscious of the fact that this will likely eventually have to be replanted outside after about 8 years of growing indoors, depending on its size.


Now the Monstera is a beautiful low-line addition to the home and has true tropical vibes that can be an almost soothing addition to your home. Packing it’s own wow-factor, the Montstera grows in width first, and can sit quite at home on a side table, bench space, or fitted into a plant stand. You can amplify the colouring with a complimentary ceramic or hand painted pot as base adding another level to your décor. This baby grows quickly so it’s perfect for a space that needs some living love immediately. Grows best in indirect sunlight, but lots of it, so house it in a brightly lit room but out of the direct rays where possible.