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The Latest Bathroom Trends To Try!

Author: Renovateandrealestate.com.au
Source: The 2 Belindas

When renovating or building the bathroom is one of the most highly anticipated rooms and often involves making lots of different choices from colours to finishes. When choosing your tiles, fittings and lighting in the bathroom it is important that the space is functional, but it’s also great to look at current bathroom trends! We are constantly looking at what is trending for design and decor, after all it is what we love! Although watching bathroom trends is a great way to get ideas when creating your own bathroom, you don’t have to strictly follow trends to create a beautiful bathroom. It is always a great idea to go with colours and finishes that won’t date, but to also add small touches of the latest trends to keep your bathroom feeling fresh! So what trends are we seeing for bathrooms in 2017? The 2 Belindas from Renovate & Real Estate share their tips!


1. Bold Black Finishes

We are seeing the black trend continue throughout 2017! From black tap ware to black bath tubs, this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. There is also a rising trend in black tiles which contrasts beautifully with classic white and also with the mixed metals trend that we are currently seeing. Belinda Westblade chose to feature black in her latest project for The 2 Belinda’s and the results are beautiful in this bathroom below!

bathroom trends


2. Feature Lighting

The pendant lighting trend is carrying on through 2017, as we see lighting become a feature in many bathroom. You may not initially think of a pendant light for your bathroom, but it is an easy and affordable way to update your bathroom, while adding colour and texture. It is easy to change the style of pendant light when you are ready to update your bathroom in the future too. I love the subtle pendant used in the bathroom below, it adds interest to the space, without overpowering all the other beautiful features in this bathroom.

3. Geometric Tiles

If you are a fan of decor and renovation shows, like The Block or House Rules, you would have noticed that the trend towards geometric tiles has followed through the last few seasons and it is still popping up in the design world! Although this can be a ‘busy’ look, if done well it can really give a bathroom that extra style cred! Geometric tiles work beautifully as a feature wall, or as a shower niche, this honeycomb shaped tile below is particularly popular at the moment.


4. Patterned Tiles

Not only is the geometric tile trend continuing, so it the trend for patterned tiles! There are so many beautiful options for patterned tiles at the moment that it is no wonder that so many people are choosing them for their bathrooms. There are lots of different ways to use patterned tiles in the bathroom, whether it is on the floor, walls or both, or used as a feature tile in a smaller way. A patterned tile is a great way to add interest to your bathroom and if you choose neutral colours and patterns it can be a trend that won’t date too quickly.


5. Mixed Metals

When you are buying tap ware, light fittings, towel racks and all the bits and pieces you need to build a bathroom, it is often easy to choose matching finishes for everything, but there is a growing trend for mixed metals in the bathroom. From black to gold, pewter to stainless steel there are so many choices in finishes! Think outside the box when choosing your hardware, black taps doesn’t mean everything else needs to be black too. Although this look can be hard to pull off , generally if you stick to two different types of metals in the bathroom, you will find a nice balance.


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Published: 22 November, 2017.