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Let’s Talk About Lighting

Lighting is critical to any space and plays a huge role in the look and feel of your home. Beyond simply illuminating each room as a critical living function – no one likes to eat their dinner in the dark – the choices you make can affect your style, the functionality of your space and even your mood. There are important elements to think about before you just go wild.

Before you begin, think about the room itself. Does the light need to be the hero of this space? Should it be a feature? What impact do you want it to have? This will help guide your decisions moving forward. The light situation in your living space will not be identical to that in your kitchen and it’s important that you don’t have a ‘blanket’ approach to lighting. 

Consider the hue and colouring. Do you want your lighting to have a natural amber glow or would you prefer a crisper white shade? This is something you absolutely need to think through. Depending on the colour of your walls, your furnishings and flooring your home may naturally throw a warm or cool hue which you’ll need to factor into your lighting decisions. Keep in mind the number of lights you install impacts this greatly. An electrician will be able to provide you with an indication on what is most appropriate for your space, however the general rule of thumb is to allow 3-4ft between each light.

It’s also important to think about the physical implications of your lighting choice. Cooler light paired with white walls can be stark and straining on your eyes. If you’re headache prone or have heightened senses it may be worth considering how to amplify your mood lighting. Installing dimmers can be an effective way to balance ambience and colouring. Alternatively utilises lamps to create a well-lit, ambient space that is easy on the eye. 

Lastly, factor in where (if at all) you want to have your lights to have a stylistic impact in your home. Nothing sets the scene like a statement, intricate pendant light in your entryway. Pop some simple pendants over your breakfast bar or a draping pendant positioned above your bedside table. Simple and effective ways to create a feature in your chosen room. Don’t forget to consider whether you may plan to frequently reconfigure this room, although not impossible to move, this type of light feature will have an impact on how easily you can manoeuvre your space.