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The Little Luxuries that are Worth the Investment

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

The little luxuries in your home are some of the most comforting but knowing where to invest your hard-earned dollars is an entirely new challenge. Working out what is the most valuable to you, where you will get the most return or enjoyment to maximise the enjoyment of your home. 

Ahh sweet caffeine. If you are partial to a Barista brew, this investment could not be more important. Aside from the obvious – providing you with that coffee hit – the added flexibility will become invaluable. Feeling like a coffee at 5pm, you can. 7am coffee calling? No matter, you’ve got it at your finger-tips. Machines are compact enough that they won’t consume a large portion of bench space, and the market is sophisticated enough to offer a range of coffee beans (or pods) in multiple forms and affordable price points. Plus, if you’re drinking multiple coffees a day, cost per use certainly works out in your favour (use this if you’re trying to bring your partner on board!)




Don’t ignore the winter freeze. Your temperature regulation will quickly become the single most important thing to you in the depths of the Winter freeze and in the hottest, of hot Summer days. I promise you, you will regret nothing more than not making arrangements for your temperature regulation in your home. It’s about working out what is most important to you and proceeding in that direction. If you’re sensitive to the cold, the 7am work wakeup call will come as a rude shock without a heating option. Temperature effects your overall wellbeing - your ability to get out of bed for work and essentially how you start your day (again, use this line if you’re struggling to persuade!). Simultaneously, in Summer, with sweltering heatwaves, and without the larger investment option of a pool, choose the lesser of two evils in this instance to ensure your comfort remains at the forefront of your living.

Lastly, you spend majority of your time during the week at work, or, asleep! Typically, 8 hours is dedicated to this practice, and more if you are laying down to relax. This is where your biggest investment should come in, your mattress. In this instance, the investment doesn’t necessarily need to be financial. Although it may, be, the primary investment here is time. Taking the time to try different mattresses (hard work right?) and work out what you find most comfortable will serve you so well, a good night’s sleep is invaluable.