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Style Crush: French Provincial

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

There is something ever charming about the French, be it their pastry craftsmanship (croissant anyone?), their effortless style or their classic take on interiors. French provincial interiors is not a new concept, but this countryside farm can beautifully litter its way through your home in a way that feels modern and impactful. Think crisp linens, a colour palette that sings of spring air and raw features that hero the French countryside in all its bliss. Rather than limiting your home to purely one style, take key elemental features and integrate them with your core style to give your home a new flavour that celebrates the honesty and charm of French provincial style.

Structurally, you can focus on aesthetic features like your windows and doors. Quintessentially French, paned windows are a structural feature that adds stylistic integrity and allows you to fuse classically French features into both your internal and external style. French doors are another alternative that have the ability to impact the interior and exterior, opting for double doors leading out to your entertaining space will not only provide you with a dream indoor-to-outdoor space, come the Summer time but will amplify the perceived size of your home. Choose to coat them in a fresh white to stay true to provincial styling or opt for a darker shade for a dramatic take on a classic.

Crushed Linens

Linen textures are quintessential French provincial, reminiscent of country side charm, pairing beautifully with distressed timber and time worn treasures. However just as at home in your modern abode. You can incorporate the crushed linen texture in something as simple as your table dressings, table cloth or serviettes. Or, for something more adventurous a statement linen covered lounge or armchair as a hero piece in your living area. Explore linen in a range of neutral hues to trial its full potential. Crisp whites, charcoal and stone wash grey, natural and dove blue, will pair best in this space.

Wood Panelling

For the big overhaul. If you’ve been dreaming of a home that epitomises the French country side then it’s time to explore wood panelling as a feature in your primary living spaces, or as a key link throughout your home. Incorporate wood panelling into the construction of your home, whether that be as a feature wall – especially complementary in white or stone hues – or as a cabinetry feature. This concept can thread through your entire home, think panelled doors, or wardrobe doors for each room, subtly paying homage to the French provincial style in a way that is classic and unassuming.