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Source: Onthehouse.com.au

The 2000s had banished wicker furnishings to the outdoors, found almost exclusively in outdoor settings, in some form of plastic replica. But now, bohemian accents reminiscent of south east Asia are reappearing in everything from lampshades to side tables.  Wicker, in its retro cane finishing’s is back, bold and unashamedly littered through every interiors store across town.  Rest assured, wicker is not exclusive to homes that pair effortlessly with bohemian style, and with a few simple pairings, can complement the most modern homes.

Test the waters with minimal accents to slowly introduce this look into your home. Choose pieces that have a much smaller impact or are less eye-catching by nature. Whether that is a cane wicker plant stand for your indoor plants, or placemats and coasters that are displayed in the middle of your dining table. A few small, incremental touches will gradually filter through your space, achieving a look that is understated and minimal. Rather than flooding your home with every wicker vintage find you can get your hands on, a few simple additions will transition your interior landscape. Think a woven straw cushion for your bedroom or a few cane bags hanging in your hallway. Talking points that trigger a reaction within your home, with little investment.


wicker chair


If you’re ready for something more dramatic then skip the small touches and crank it up a notch with large furnishing additions. You can find anything from dining chairs, to side tables, to bed heads if you’re so inclined. The trick is to choose shapes with slight modern touches that would look at home alongside the latest furniture catalogues. Exercise caution when selecting larger pieces, opt for something shapely and finer for your interiors and look for handmade or artisan styles for something that is modern bohemian.

If you’re looking to make an impact even your cabinetry is a fantastic place to begin. You only need to take a look at interiors blogs to see this is a huge way to incorporate wicker, rattan style into your home furnishings. Think kitchen cupboards or TV cabinets using woven rattan to achieve a look that is considered but impactful.

If you’re concerned that traditional wicker may not be right for your home but adore the look and feel then consider changing the colour and construction. You can explore the same shapes and materials painted white or even black to add a dramatic, high contrasting feel to your space.