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Your Outdoor Flooring Needs: Sorted

Source: Onthehouse.com.au

As if choosing your flooring inside your home wasn’t hard enough, apparently you also have endless options with your outdoor flooring as well! Certainly not as simple as choosing the lacquer on your timber decking, now outdoor flooring comes in a multitude of flavours to suit all your aesthetic (and functional) needs. Whether you’re an entertainer at heart or creating a sanctuary for you and your little family, the choices you make here are incredibly important for not only your functionality now, but for your budget and for future maintenance on your property.

Timber is a nice and simple option. Cost effective (tick), aesthetically aligned (tick), but timber does need to be maintained. You need to be prepared that your timber will fade, and it will need to be re-sanded and lacquered every few years (or when it shows signs of wear and tear) to ensure the longevity of your timber decking. The sun, and water will wreak havoc on your timber in the long term so keep this in mind if you’re decking next to a pool. 

If you love the timber look but have a little more budget at hand and would love an outdoor flooring option with little, to no maintenance, then a ‘Modwood’ style decking could be the right fit for you. With multiple brands at hand you can pick and choose colour and material at your discretion however the premise is the same. A look-a-like timber flooring with no maintenance required. A simple solution for your wear and tear woes, but it comes at a cost, and you’re looking at roughly $50 per metre for this ingenious solution.  

Now, if you’re not bothered with the look of timber and prefer something with a modern feel, then you should definitely explore the old faithful, tile or paver as an option for your space. Tiles are available in a multitude of styles, colours, sizes and patterns and pending your taste can be moulded to best suit your home. Think Italian terrazzo, or speckled concrete look to achieve the style you’re after at a more budget friendly entry point. If you’re feeling brave and you’re backed by a budget, can these materials all together and choose a polished concrete, this sleek finish paired with timber details is the modern entertainers dream.

When costing this out it is important to account for other facets of this material. Think trades, grout and install to bring your concepts to life. As with any of the above options, ensure you look at both materials and labour to provide an adequate indication of pricing. Your timber materials may be affordable but your carpentry may not be.